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Invite some friends, learn to cook a delicious meal, and have fun eating together! 

Online Indian Cooking Classes

Beautiful, healthy, fresh food isn't difficult.
I'll show you how to make these from the comfort of your kitchen!

Upcoming Healthy Online Cooking Classes

3 steps to amazing Indian food at home​

1. Choose

Choose a class to join, but if you have a special request, let me know.

2. Book

Detailed ingredients list and recipe is available immediately.

All ingredients can be easily found in local shops, but I can also send some key ingredients straight to your home.

3. Cook

Join the class through Zoom.

I will cook with you, show you tips and tricks, and help you perfect the dish.

Classes are in Japanese and English!


By my students

今日もありがとうございました😊 バターチキンもバスマティもマンゴーラッシーも、全部とても美味しかったです! 先生の料理は、野菜たっぷりだし、油も少なくてヘルシーで、何より美味しいので、家でも何度も作ってます。 また参加させていただきます😊
[Thank you again today 😊 Butter chicken, basmati and mango lassi were all delicious! Your recipes have a lot of vegetables, is low in oil, is healthy, and is delicious above all, so I cook it at home many times. I will participate again 😊]

Butter Chicken by Yuka San 16 June 2020

おいしかった~❗ 念願のバターチキンでした。
[It was delicious~❗ I've long wanted to make butter chicken.]

Butter chicken by Mie san 16 June 2020

私も昨日主人が 会社のインドの方を家に 招待しました。 ベジタリアン 2名、ノンベジ2名 でした。 私はチキンテッカ、パニールテッカ、 ダールカカレー、ジャガイモカレー オクラカレー、チャパティ、エビカレー をつくりました。 先生のおかげで 皆様に喜んで頂きました。 ありがとうございます💓💓💓 あと野菜寿司も作りましたが みんなが苦手のようでした。 抹茶と和菓子は みんな食べてくれました。チキンテッカ、パニールテッカは 本当にすぐになくなりました。 すごく美味しいと言われました。 オンライン教室でも良いと 思います💓

Tomoko san 30 Dec 2020

日本人会ではバターチキンカレーはウェイティングだったので、オンラインで習えてよかったです。 先生のお料理が試食できないことだけが残念です。
[The butter chicken curry class has always been full at the Japanese Association, so it was nice to learn online. It's a pity that I couldn't taste your food.]

Butter Chicken by Erina San 16 June 2020

カレーもパラタもとても美味しいかったです! 息子もは、パラタがとても気に入ったみたいです。また作ってみます。ありがとうございました😊
[The curry and paratha were very delicious! My son also liked paratha very much. I will try again. Thank you 😊]

Palak Paneer by Asaga San 2 July 2020

Thank you so much for today’s lesson. It’s was very fun! I would like to do it again! Even my kids like samosa with chutney! That’s miracle😊😉

Samosa by Nobuko 14 Aug 2020


Asaga San 14 aug 2020

Cualiflower curry and Paratha: My husband loves this😄 I also ❤️ Thank you!

Kumi San 12 Aug 2020

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Hi, I'm Sourabh

I am the founder and director of Culture Connect Pte Ltd. I have a degree in Computer Engineering however I follow my passion for teaching healthy cooking as a profession. 

I am from North and West India, but I love to cook dishes from all over India. I currently live in Singapore with my family and for the past 5 years, I have been a cooking instructor in Singapore. I am also conducting online cooking classes and private lessons at clients’ places with their friends and family, kids cooking classes with kid-friendly recipes. My classes are conducted in English and/or Japanese.

Apart from Indian cooking, I teach people about Indian culture. With me, you can experience wearing Indian costumes such as a saree, and other traditional dresses. Or you can learn about henna and Kundan Rangoli. I conduct Little India tours also.

Before coming to Singapore in 2010, I was in Japan for 14 years and I have conducted cooking lessons in Tokyo and Yokohama.  I worked as an International Understanding Instructor and taught Indian culture in English to local elementary school students in Yokohama.

I participated in the Zee TV APAC cooking challenge show “Chef Diaries (Season 2) won the cook-off challenge. At the Malabar Adukkala Global Cooking competition, I was the second runner-up. I have also completed an  Ayurvedic cooking course, and a food hygiene course. 

I believe we should all eat well and cook at home as much as possible. Giving children healthy food help them to develop their minds and bodies, and also pick up an appreciation for cooking that will help them when they grow up. I will share simple, easy, quick recipes, and some popular Indian dishes. A lot of my food is based on Ayurvedic principles, and so I’ll share some home remedies as well. And I’ll show you how to do these with easily available ingredients!

Create, Communicate, and Celebrate is our motto. The logo has two meanings. First, it shows 4 different people connecting, using the Japanese character 人 ‘hito’ which means person. Second, the symbol as a whole looks like the Hindu Swastika, a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

Thank you, and I look forward to meeting with you!

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Feel free to ask me anything